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Reversable Pouch

Reversable string draw pouch. Great for jewelry, crystals or small trinkets. 


Colour Energy Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser  is a highly effective patterned recipe formulated to erase negativity in and around us on many distinct energy levels. This ESSENCE was especially created to help to neutralize and...

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Colour Energy Medieval Thymes

The essential oils used are considered to be antiviral, anti-infectious, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. These oils will strengthn the immune, respitory, and circulatory systems. Mold and bacteria cannot survive in...


Colour Energy Buzz Off

Get back to enjoying the great outdoors -- insect free! -- with this chemical-free spray insect repellant. This fresh smelling, DEET-free bug spray is Mother Nature approved, as it contains...

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Gem Star Merkaba Swarovski

Measures Appx. 3" Wide x 4 3/4" Long and handgs from a 4" chain with a large jump ring on top. The Gem Star Suncatcher/Pendulum can be used as a...

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Rose Quartz Large Stone Merkaba

Measures Appx. 3" wide x 4 3/4" long and hangs from a 4" chain with a large jump ring on top. Silver Rose Quartz Gem Stones measure 10mm.

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Josh Monzo Third Eye Oil

Third Eye pineal decalcifying oil. This product is for external use only. Use on your third eye - a small drop rubbed between your eyebrows in a clockwise motion. Can...

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Silver Ring with Turq Inlay

Silver Ring with Turquoise Inlay. Style may vary from photo. Triangle = Size 7. Oval = Size 8


Silver Ring With Opal Inlay

Silver ring with opal and stone inlay. .75 in. by .5 in These are natural elements. Product may vary from picture.

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Onyx and Silver Ring

Sterling Silver ring with onyx. 1.5 in by 1 in. 

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Labradorite Palm Stones

Polished labradorite palm stones 1.5 in by 1in. These are natural elements and may vary in size and color. Sold individually. 

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Handmade Deer Leather Pouch

Handmade deer leather pouch with an antler button to secure pouch closed. 5 1/2"x4"